It is reasonable to expect rational people to change their
Wed Sep 5, 2018 12:34am

minds when presented with evidence that "changes everything" or at least causes them to question their current view or support of someone. Learning negative things about a candidate should change someone's mind. There's a serious disconnect if someone dismisses truthful negatives to avoid having to stop supporting someone. That's CRAZY TOWN.

OTOH, when someone does NOT support someone based on already knowing multiple negatives about someone, it'll take a BOATLOAD of positive information that can alter the negative implications before there will be any radical change in their opinion. That's very reasonable because supporting someone for a position with authority over the nation requires a belief that the individual is honest and trustworthy. Knowledge that someone is NOT honest and trustworthy takes a helluva lot more to alter. Think about how much it takes to build trust and how little it takes to destroy it. Same thing.

It's not an equal situation and so it's a poor comparison.