Wed Sep 5, 2018 9:34am

There are those who slavishly follow Trump regardless of what he does. There are those who slavishly followed Hillary regardless of what she did.

There are a tiny few who actually change their minds.

  • minds when presented with evidence that "changes everything" or at least causes them to question their current view or support of someone. Learning negative things about a candidate should change... more
    • I look at this board as an example...Sprout, Wed Sep 5 9:57am
      I think it is probably fair to say that this board represents voters. The folks who don't care enough about politics to vote probably also wouldn't care enough to post about politics either. So, look ... more
    • Voters.... — Sprout, Wed Sep 5 9:34am
      • Trump <=> Hillary is a false equivalency.HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 5 11:43am
        Sloppy versus a career woman abusing conman. Hillary couldn't get away with a trip and loses supporters. Trump tells his supporters he can shoot someone on 5th Ave call Mexicans rapists and murderers ... more