Look at your original reply to my post
Wed Sep 5, 2018 1:29pm

His point was that if charges were going to be brought, it would have been better had they been brought early
enough for the Candidates to be replaced on the ballots for the upcoming elections.

My reply to you pointed out that the indictments are sufficiently early to be allowable by DOJ standards.

You came right back with "Trump thought these indictments should have come out a couple of weeks or a month sooner"

THAT is why I asked:
You assume the DOJ had all the information long ago and just sat on it rather than issue indictments.

What evidence do you have of that?

Because I DON'T think that Trump was insinuating that the indictments should have happened earlier. I think he wanted the indictments suppressed until after the election. And that would be special handling because of their party affiliation.

  • Does your original post claim that Trump supporters should leave the President behind because he... ...criticized bringing these charges to light outside of the prescribed time period before a... more
    • Look at your original reply to my post — Jeeves, Wed Sep 5 1:29pm
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