In several of the books I've read about tRUMP's life and
Thu Sep 6, 2018 5:04pm

financial/business dealings, it is commonplace for him to hire the "worst people", sycophants all, but ignorant about the positions he puts them into. When the inevitable happens and it blows up in failure, he typically fires 'em all and replaces 'em with, you guessed it, MORE sycophants who'll do his bidding, make him feel good, and never argue with him, even when his plans will destroy his own business (such as how his casinos all went bankrupt and nearly left him penniless, if not for his creative accounting and utter lack of morality in cheating everyone who trusted him with their money to save his own butt.

Problem is, just as it was then, that ultimately NO ONE will work for him and it goes belly up