These are unprecedented times in uncharted waters, but, as
Thu Sep 6, 2018 5:09pm

with everything else known to mankind, there is nothing new under the sun. Greed, unbridled lust, shamelessness, pathological liars, egoism, racism, abject stupidity, utter disarray, incompetence at the highest levels, and a host of other unpleasantries have always been with us to some degree or another. But WHEN did they all exist within one person within the form of the American POTUS and NO ONE in his party seems willing to step up to say ENOUGH ?? Never !!

Fact is, WHERE it is, WHY it is happening, and to WHOM it is happening is quite novel and vastly different than any modern memories of government, especially America.

tRUMP has blasted away pretty much all of the "norms" and has introduced absolutely outrageous and reprehensible behaviors previously unknown or unseen by the public - all happening within the white house in FULL VIEW.

THAT is what is driving the news cycle. Not that any particular behavior or utterance he's made has never seen the light of day before today. It's just that much of it has never been seen in the White House or coming from a POTUS before.

There have been all kinds of accusations made against other presidents and white houses. The vast majority overblown and those that aren't, limited to a few specific situations, NOT just about every damn thing the POTUS touches or gets involved in. NEVER has a more loathsome grifter been the occupant of the Oval Office.

  • The concept is about novelty...Sprout, Thu Sep 6 8:54am
    The media wants folks to believe every single day that TODAY is like no other. It is unprecedented and HUGE... and therefore you should stay glued to your television and watch their news programming... more
    • These are unprecedented times in uncharted waters, but, as — Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 6 5:09pm