Seems to me you don't what to talk specifics.
Thu Sep 6, 2018 5:31pm

You just to talk about how you personally feel about something. We on the other hand, wonder why folks like you who support Trump see all the obvious blatant specific lies Trump has told and the blatant public corruption of say Scott Pruitt and for you, it is just yawn Contrast that with Obama saying '57 states' was a major scandal...one just recently brought up here as some sort of defense of Trump. That is how absurd rational folks like myself, Sia, Merlin view Trumpists. I'm pretty confident they will agree.

  • The concept is about novelty...Sprout, Thu Sep 6 8:54am
    The media wants folks to believe every single day that TODAY is like no other. It is unprecedented and HUGE... and therefore you should stay glued to your television and watch their news programming... more