This Is The Problem
Fri Sep 7, 2018 12:18pm (XFF:

I used to knee-jerk to posts like yours, to ideas and statements like yours.

I would rail at Republicans and curse them.

But it isn't "Republicans" that are the issue. It is the machinery at the top of the Republican party and the fuel on which it currently feeds. I know plenty of Republicans, conservatives, that I can sit down with and have productive discussions with. We don't agree on various political topics, but we can compromise. We understand and value compromise.

Democrats in Congress have a better sense of this than Republicans in Congress at present, I think, due to their relative positions. I have no doubt that were those positions reversed, so might their be their understanding.

But this tribalism of yours is repulsive. It drives the machinery I referred to. On the left, it would drive the machinery that would take root with a Democratic majority. It is the problem.

I wrote in another post that our system of government is flawed insofar as it relies on participants to participate in good faith. There is room to manipulate the system and abuse it. We don't need tribalism in our democracy. Democracy is not made to reinforce tribalism, but to foster unity.