One analyst made an interesting suggestion...
Fri Sep 7, 2018 1:36pm

And I have to agree with it. Setting a higher bar like 60 votes (or maybe even more) to confirm a USSC justice would FORCE a president (regardless of party) to nominate a justice who would get SIGNIFICANT numbers of votes from BOTH parties.

I think that both parties are operating on a purely practical ends-justifies-the-means business process. There are really no 'rules' that cannot be set aside if they deem it an advantage to do so.

I recall a novel I read where there was a group branded 'terrorists' by the gov't who were basically enforcing lethal penalties on politicians who didn't do what they said they would.

If a politician said he would support something and didn't, the group would assassinate that politician. The group had no political agenda themselves in terms of left or right just that politicians had to keep their word.

While it was, of course, fiction it was interesting to see the author's perception of how things could change of HONESTY became a true requirement for politicians (because they had no choice but to tell the truth).