I guess it depends on whether one feels
Fri Sep 7, 2018 1:43pm

it is ineffective or not... Personally I do IN GENERAL agree with Merlin that the carefully orchestrated screaming protestors are ineffective at creating any change in this case, and may in fact hurt the image of the Dems (a little, but not a huge thing I think).

I think the show being put on in the hearing process itself is also ineffective at altering the nomination. HOWEVER, I have to ask if altering the nomination is really the TRUE goal? And if it may not be, it may not be that the tactics are ineffective at furthering THAT goal.

Either way, I'm not sure the protests, or the circus in general will HELP the GOP position much. That is because in general I don't see folks changing their minds much.

HOWEVER, if the goal of Booker and Harris is to get THEIR faces and speeches on TV to further their goals of potential 2020 presidential runs, my evaluation of the effectiveness of their tactics may have to change. Clearly, in that case, they are really not trying to get others to not vote for the nominee, but rather speaking to their own base to put on a SHOW of resistance and anti-GOP campaigning. And if that is REALLY their goal, then the show, including the protestors may be actually an EFFECTIVE tactic.

I watched a few minutes of television last night and one of the left-leaning news channels was virtually GUSHING over Kamala Harris and how GREAT a job she did. I didn't see her performance, but if her goal was to cement herself in Democrat's eyes as a potential presidential candidate, she may have actually done something significant to achieve that goal.