You found HUMOR in ANY of that ???
Fri Sep 7, 2018 2:00pm

ESPECIALLY if you watched the top one first ???

Are you KIDDING ME ?? Are you made of human flesh and blood or are you a robot without human feelings ???

There is ZERO humor in watching a little boy be denied his "make a wish" touchdown whatsoever. It is heartbreaking. Thus, it's not funny watching the silly meme, because the entire time it's obvious that it's that same little boy being used to make a partisan statement, which is just pathetic and heartless. HOW on earth can you find ANY of it amusing all the while knowing that a real life, dying little boy was tackled by an idiot who tackled the poor child and was actually PROUD of it, not catching on what it was all about ???

I'm sorry, there's something VERY wrong with anyone who finds it amusing rather than SICK humor.

Lest anyone think I'm upset about Hillary being "tackled" by tRUMP OR that the "point" of it representing what happened in the election was somehow "lost on me", NO, it wasn't. The POINT is that it is simply NOT FUNNY that it happened to that poor child or even remotely funny when his face was replaced by politicians to make a political "touchdown". C'mon.

WTF ?? That you do find it funny AT ALL, explains so much.