I saw it up against her arm using her right hand while this
Fri Sep 7, 2018 7:47pm

is nearly the same but using her left hand. Odd to make the hand sign with alternating hands, but I'm not sure if Zina Bash was intending something else when she held the hand pose against her arm and later in the air, but I rather doubt it was intended as something nefarious. Especially given that she moved her hands into weird positions throughout the several hours she sat there if one googles her name with Kavanaugh and chooses "images".

I also noticed that when she walks, she has highly animated hands, NONE of which appear to be any specific "signs". It's just how she "fidgets" while enduring lengthy hearings and ONCE, she flashed an "A-Okay" sign, POSSIBLY in approval of something he said. Either that, or she had an itch on her thumb.

Ho Hum.

The one in the pix you shared is the "A-Okay, it's all good" gesture

  • Ersatz NewsMerlin, Fri Sep 7 4:45pm
    I have been making this gesture since I was a child and everyone knows that it is an urban legend, it being a not so secret recognition hand jive used by white powerists. Yet MSM will scoop it up... more
    • I saw it up against her arm using her right hand while this — Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 7 7:47pm