Often Imitated, Never Equaled. Accept No Substitutes.
Sat Sep 8, 2018 1:06pm

I have grown weary of watching the DNC screw the pooch and themselves over and over and over.

They waste their time and resources fighting lost battles and pursuing lost causes and supporting candidates from way out in left field while Rome burns, in a manner of speaking, though back in 1812 Washington DC did burn.

This Kavanaugh business is a good example.

I am not only not supporting that kind of nonsense which only weakens the DNC and all who sail in her, but strengthens the GOP Trump Establishment.

But I am calling the DNC on it.

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    • Often Imitated, Never Equaled. Accept No Substitutes. — Merlin, Sat Sep 8 1:06pm
      • downright DUMB way too often. I get it that they have to play by the rules and stay this side of honorable to highlight how dishonorable the other side is being... BUT... It is not true that the... more
        • DNC Has Never Been "good old Charlie Brown"Merlin, Sun Sep 9 11:36am
          And staging a three ring circus is just a clown show, not fighting fire with fire. We'll be stuck with Kavanaugh or some other nominee of Trump which will be just as bad if not worse. It is not a... more
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          • it through while they still have the votes and hiding documents that will put the confirmation at risk. Do they think they won't EVER come out? They won' EVER have to answer for what they are hiding? ... more
            • Priorities...Sprout, Thu Sep 13 12:19pm
              Agree or disagree with the OUTCOME, they know there is a statistical CHANCE that they won't have a majority when the next set of freshman Senators are seated. From a practical political standpoint,... more
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