It will be difficult to complaign after thier recent remarks
Sat Sep 8, 2018 1:10pm

Everyone, including Kavanaugh has been praising Judge Garland.
As Ive said before, [Garland is] a great judge a great chief judge and hes very careful and very hardworking, and we work well together and try to read the statute as written, read the precedent as written, Kavanaugh said. Hes a judge like I try to be as well a judge whos not trying to impose any personal preferences onto the decision but take the law as written, and thats what Ive tried to do in those cases and that probably explains some of that.

I think it also goes back to I think judges are distinct from policymakers, and I think that shows up when you dig into the actual details of how courts operate and go about their business, he continued.

  • Holy Smokes. Sia☺giah, Sat Sep 8 12:51pm
    That's karma, for sure. At the same time, is that going to be viewed as even REMOTELY fair ?? As well deserved as it may be, I really want whatever conclusion is found to be accepted as fair, with NO ... more