I had the hearings on for the whole day, catching parts of
Sat Sep 8, 2018 6:53pm

in pieces as I bustled about cleaning the house and taking care of business. What I saw was absolutely a circus. I couldn't tell if the circus caused the snotty attitude by Grassley to them or their circus was in reaction to Grassley because of the parts I missed. But it sure didn't LOOK normal.

I do understand WHY the left wing wanted to stop the hearing and WAIT to be able to see the documents. As it turns out, Kavanaugh has been shown to have lied under oath in his previous hearing for his current position, from what I understand. If so, then I'm glad that the circus held things up. However, I'd prefer that they behave themselves and NOT give the RW reasons to dismiss their concerns outright going forward.

Now, that said, their behavior MIGHT have been designed to get attention to a process that FEW watch, in the hopes of triggering millions of voters to make noise about it and force the GOP to slow the hell down.

There are MANY reasons why Kavanaugh is NOT the right guy for this job, not the least of which being that he was chosen AFTER tRUMP's advisers found out about his views on a POTUS having to deal with lawsuits and other legal charges against them while in office.

I was totally turned off by Kavanaugh's refusal to answer ANY questions asked of him.