The Character Assassination of Brett Kavanaugh
Sat Sep 8, 2018 7:53pm

There are honorable ways to oppose a nominee with whom you disagree. Kavanaugh’s Democratic critics have chosen to go the dishonorable route, instead.

David French lays it all out far better than I can.

That a POTUS must first be impeached before he can be subject criminal charges or civil suits is not an unusual Constitutional position from what I gather.

Fishing for a nominee who agrees with the Senators opinions about the Constitution is I think not a valid method of selecting a Justice.

The only thing that matters I think is the nominee's skills as a judge and expertise in the Constitution and SCOTUS rulings.

I think that it makes sense that the POTUS first be removed from office so the VPOTUS or Anonymous can take the reigns.

Was Kavanaugh adhering to the Ginsburg Principle when he refused to answer questions? I think Gimsburg is right.

As for allegations of perjury, Booker was jumping through hoops of fire, but I don't think that Booker has proven anything yet unless I missed something.