"Plaid shirt guy" replaced at tRUMP rally. LOL
Sat Sep 8, 2018 9:02pm

Obviously, the crowd you see is chosen to stand behind tRUMP and removed if not enthusiastic enough. Or, heaven forbid, visibly reacts with doubt or disdain to some of the things tRUMP says.

Video available at the link to see it for yourself.

    • He's actually from Spain...HeavyHemi, Sat Sep 8 9:56pm
      the instructions they give to the participants at the rallies are only printed in English. I am 100% kidding.
      • LOL... Thanks for the 100% kidding remark.Sia☺giah, Sat Sep 8 10:26pm
        I know, I know, I'm too easy to tease & trick because I automatically expect folks to be honest in their remarks and cannot SEE the visual cues that someone is just joking and sometimes don't have... more
        • I wouldn't have been surprised to find out they both vetted AND provided instructions. Particularly for those they know will be 'in frame' while he is speaking. I put the kidding remark in there for... more