I Have Seen Many If Those Allegations Discredited
Sun Sep 9, 2018 9:26am

which to me means that the allegations are being made in bad faith which leads me to believe that the allegers are lacking in candor as well.

Bottomline, the accusations amount to he said - she said and even if true fall far short of perjury.

That is, even if true it is but a blemish that if it were the sole criteria would disqualify virtually anyone from being a Justice or most any such position.

Bottomline, Kavanaugh's expertise in conducting trials as a judge and expertise regarding the Constitution and Scotus rulings have not been questioned at all.

I do not mean that the questioner disagrees with Kavanaugh on a point of Constitutional because that is not a lack of expertise. Justices disagree amongst themselves about Constitutional law but that does not men that they are not master of the subject.

Somehow the notion has I think arisen that I support Kavanaugh because I take the Democrat Senators to task about the crappy job they are doing.

I am not supportive of Kavanaugh particularly. He is no Scalia or Thomas but does strike me as someone not unlike Roberts who despite a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth is not that bad at all. Expecting every Justice to be a Ginsburg is I think unrealistic nor pragmatic.

Nor can we reasonably expect Trump or Pence or any Republican POTUS to nominate a Ginsburg. But that is the only type of nominee the Democratic Senators will accept.

Do they plan to hold out until a Democrat is elected POTUS? That would make no sense whatsoever even if they could.

But at the end of the day they accomplish nothing other than to perhaps persuade some their constituents what a great job they are doing so as to gain their votes next election.

And persuade everyone else that they are not doing their jobs effectively.

I enjoy the theatre but not political theatre and walked out after the second act of Schumer's production.