Wish I could show you the pics I took....
Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:22am

Guess I'm still not with the modern age! Though I did text the pics to some friends and family. One asked if they could come over and shoot one for Thanksgiving dinner. I said, No! We like our wildlife to know that they have a safe haven here. I'm the only one allowed to shoot at the fish-thieving blue herons with a pellet gun... just to scare them away, no blood... LOL.

Not long ago I was out in the front yard playing frisbee with our border collie, and I say her looking up over my head, so I looked up and there was a gigantic eagle swooping down on me! I could hear the whoosh of the wings. Maybe it thought I was a fox or something with the color of my hair? Anyway, it decided not to grab me. LOL

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    • Wish I could show you the pics I took.... — wondering, Mon Sep 10 11:22am
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