And the sign said the words of the prophets are written on
Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:35pm

the subway walls, in tenement halls, and whispered in the sounds... of... silence...

Never forget -- 9-11-2001

Tribute, created by Cris Piaseinsa and performed by "Disturbed"

    • When I heard Disturbed was doingSprout, Tue Sep 11 1:36pm
      sound of silence I thought it just was going to be weird. Then the first time I heard it on the radio, I ended up sitting at a gas station with the stereo cranked all the way up waiting for the song... more
      • It really is a superb version.Poppet, Tue Sep 11 1:56pm
        The emotion just wells up from that vocal performance...I love it.
        • It sure does... the emotionwondering, Tue Sep 11 2:50pm
          I was at a doctor's appt today, and it hit me when I wrote down 9-11 for the date. I will never forget. Excellent tribute by Disturb.
        • took it to unbelievable levels of powerful emotions. The original tugs the heartstrings and makes you want to do something about all that's wrong with this world, but Disturbed evokes ANGER that so... more
          • An interesting example of this contrast exists in a favorite new band of mine, the underground Tokyo metalcore band TELECiDE. They have two singers, and they have utterly different singing styles... more
            • ....but I really like the music and the vocals from the girl that sings. I typically don't listen to this type of music anymore (I was very much into Metal when I was younger), but I never liked the... more
              • I generally dislike it, too.Poppet, Wed Sep 12 11:18am
                In fact, prior to TELECiDE, I only liked that vocal style in harsh industrial music, where it kinda fits. I find a.k.i. to be a unique exception to that. Generally, the metal I like is almost... more
            • Linkin Park...HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 11 6:21pm
            • Wow... you weren't kidding...Sprout, Tue Sep 11 2:47pm
              I just watched a few moments of one of their pieces. A fascinating vocal combination. While it isn't really my style of music, it really is striking and shows some real gifts. And I have to agree... more
              • =)Poppet, Tue Sep 11 3:33pm
                They really are worth investigating, even if the genre isn't your cuppa (I'm a bit of a metalhead....). They don't have much of a discography yet (they've only existed a little over a year), but... more
          • Somber and sad.... but he brought so much strength and power to the music.
      • It is even MORE powerful watching David Draiman sing it... WHOA... I couldn't take my eyes off of his eyes as he sung. It was unnerving, to say the least. Goosebump city !!... more
        • Not in person...Sprout, Tue Sep 11 2:07pm
          He performed it live on one of the late night television shows that I saw, it could have been Conan... I got goosebumps too... A really impressive voice.
          • I watched him be interviewed a couple of years ago.Sia☺giah, Tue Sep 11 10:34pm
            He said that he was a classically trained singer, but preferred the raw, heavy metal, distorted singing style of his usual music in Disturbed. He said his bandmates had never heard his "classically... more
            • That's interesting. I didn't know aboutSprout, Wed Sep 12 10:43am
              is background. I'd like to see his take on other classical pieces. I have found I like some of those type re-makes. I do like some metal, but am more into classic rock. I liked Metallica's take on... more
              • Classic Rock is my favorite if I must choose one.Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 12 3:09pm
                Even country rock works for me. Oldies too. In the right frame of mind, piano music is amazing as is folk rock. I cannot listen to heavy metal music because it provokes high anxiety, high energy, and ... more
                • I do like my adrenalin. But it doesn't have to be hard. I like bands like Journey and Van Halen that bring a lot of energy, but not the harshness of metal. I do like some heavier stuff, but generally ... more
    • This is a VERY POWERFUL tribute to 9/11 heroesSia☺giah, Tue Sep 11 1:29pm
      and the link is perfectly safe.
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