Why Morality and Character Do Not Matter
Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:56am

Dennis Prager

Is the President a Bad Role Model for Children?


When I was young, I never regarded the president of the United States as a personal role model. That task fell on my father, my grandfather, my older brother, my uncles, my parentsí friends, my teachers, my rabbis, and other older males.

Whether or not a child, young adult, or adult consciously regards the POTUS as a personal role model, the POTUS nevertheless is a role model for children, young adults, and adults.

And even if a child such as Praeger looks solely to his father, grandfather, older brother, uncles, parentsí friends, teachers, rabbis, and other older males as his personal role models, when they look to to POTUS as a role model it comes to that same thing.

And that includes every POTOS, not just Donald Trump.