Agreed...and the latter just works better for me.
Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:39pm

An interesting example of this contrast exists in a favorite new band of mine, the underground Tokyo metalcore band TELECiDE. They have two singers, and they have utterly different singing styles (and subtly different lyrical messages; each write their own, and they sing in English). One of them, Haruki, is a melodic vocalist with a pretty voice. Her lyrics, while very socially conscious and even political, tend to e very encouraging and even nurturing ("Together we're stronger in unity. Stand aligned, check your identity."). The other vocalist, a.k.i., sings in a rasping growl that has to be heard to be believed.* Her lyrics are rabble-rousing exhortations to take action ("Rationale provided...we cannot be divided!" "Stop tryna control: hate is creating new hate!"). It woks brilliantly...I saw the live last trip to Tokyo, and they were spine-tingling.

I'll post some links when I have time and am at home with my regular computer and my bookmarks.

* And a.k.i. actually sings in this style, which I'd never heard before: most screamer/growler vocalists just shout at the mic, usialy almost unintelligibly. She in this style, with dynamics, nuance, and you can understand her (with, perhaps, a bit of practice if you're not used to this kind of music).

TELECiDE (Haruki in the middle, a.k.i. second from the left):

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    • Agreed...and the latter just works better for me. — Poppet, Tue Sep 11 2:39pm
      • ....but I really like the music and the vocals from the girl that sings. I typically don't listen to this type of music anymore (I was very much into Metal when I was younger), but I never liked the... more
        • I generally dislike it, too.Poppet, Wed Sep 12 11:18am
          In fact, prior to TELECiDE, I only liked that vocal style in harsh industrial music, where it kinda fits. I find a.k.i. to be a unique exception to that. Generally, the metal I like is almost... more
      • Linkin Park...HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 11 6:21pm
      • Wow... you weren't kidding...Sprout, Tue Sep 11 2:47pm
        I just watched a few moments of one of their pieces. A fascinating vocal combination. While it isn't really my style of music, it really is striking and shows some real gifts. And I have to agree... more
        • =)Poppet, Tue Sep 11 3:33pm
          They really are worth investigating, even if the genre isn't your cuppa (I'm a bit of a metalhead....). They don't have much of a discography yet (they've only existed a little over a year), but... more