All you had to do was say you didn't support McConnel...
Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:21pm

and here you are still deflecting from the fact: your support of McConnell and the theft of the pick from Obama. Some folks are just cowards and will blame others when it's clear they have a position that they have taken in the past that holding to now, would make them a hypocrite. That would be you again, hypocrite.

  • Not possible to some folks...Sprout, Tue Sep 11 3:16pm
    It's binary thinking. I don't think folks like Heavy can picture anyone who isn't either a Democrat or a Republican. In his mind one MUST be one or the other I suspect.
    • I don't think that's necessarily true. Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 13 11:33am
      I'm pretty sure that HH recognizes that I am an independent too. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat either. I lean heavily liberal on social issues, but I lean heavily conservative fiscally. However, ... more
      • General positions:Sprout, Thu Sep 13 11:54am
        Fiscally I am old school conservative. Federal gov't roles and responsibilities limited to those assigned in the US Constitution. Just because an idea is a good done does not authorize the FEDERAL... more
    • All you had to do was say you didn't support McConnel... — HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 11 3:21pm
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