I generally dislike it, too.
Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:18am

In fact, prior to TELECiDE, I only liked that vocal style in harsh industrial music, where it kinda fits. I find a.k.i. to be a unique exception to that. Generally, the metal I like is almost exclusively prog-metal and powermetal; death metal, black metal, and nu-metal usually don't work for me, and the growling vocals are one big reason.

As an aside, the melodic singer in TELECiDE, Haruki, is really sweet and cool to talk to. I gabbed with her for about half an hour at that show in Shibuya. My Japanese is still pretty basic, but that was irrelevant, as she's a native-level English speaker (she's mixed race and grew up with both languages). =)

  • ....but I really like the music and the vocals from the girl that sings. I typically don't listen to this type of music anymore (I was very much into Metal when I was younger), but I never liked the... more
    • I generally dislike it, too. — Poppet, Wed Sep 12 11:18am