Civil War
Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:48pm (XFF:

I heard an interesting interview today discussing the way our current political environment is operating, and the interviewer asked if there was a comparable historical example of a crisis of presidential incompetence. The interviewee turned it around and said that there is a comparable example, but it was for the larger context. It had to do with a small political group taking control and pushing their agenda, and she compared it to the anonymous op-ed resister's justification. She pointed out that Congressional Republicans have been unwilling to rein Trump in because they are getting what they want, but it isn't an agenda supported by a majority of the population, and it comes to a fine point in the anonymous letter. Here are people who likely should be invoking the 25th Amendment if they feel strongly that the President is incapable of doing his job, but instead, they are using the opportunity to advance their agenda.

The example she pointed to? The political struggle for control that led to the election of Lincoln. A small group pushed unpopular policies that benefited themselves until they were finally ousted. When they were, they promptly pushed for secession and we got a Civil War.

It was fascinating to listen to.