I don't think that's necessarily true.
Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:33am

I'm pretty sure that HH recognizes that I am an independent too. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat either. I lean heavily liberal on social issues, but I lean heavily conservative fiscally. However, the fiscal conservative part is willing to spend money to fund the liberal social issues whenever I see that there is intrinsic VALUE in spending money on problems. I do object to just THROWING money at problems, because being born & bred in Massachusetts, I'm all too familiar with the extremes who seem to think that spending money is an actual "fix" but fail to establish if it's money well spent. (that's where Nona is coming from, btw, as he's a Bostonian so sees the extremes all the time - causing HIS knee jerk extremes that many of us find so repellent).

All you need to do is CLARIFY your positions rather than hedge them all the time, in favor of finding areas of dispute. Not knocking you, just being honest. I can see that you like "lively arguments", but also noticed that your chosen positions tend to reflect WHO you are disagreeing with more than WHAT you are arguing, thus, my conclusion that you aren't showing your actual cards and have different views from what might be assumed from your arguments. I don't profess to KNOW what those views are. For all I know, you might be as conservative as some believe, but I rather doubt it. I suspect that you are more liberal socially than you are fiscally. What a Texan might label a liberal but a NYer might label a RWer, but a NH resident would consider another Independent voter like me who cannot be pigeonholed overall.

Am I even close?

(Ps, if I didn't make it clear, HH CAN picture folks who aren't D or R, it's just VERY difficult with you because you so seldom show your hand)

  • Not possible to some folks...Sprout, Tue Sep 11 3:16pm
    It's binary thinking. I don't think folks like Heavy can picture anyone who isn't either a Democrat or a Republican. In his mind one MUST be one or the other I suspect.
    • I don't think that's necessarily true. — Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 13 11:33am
      • General positions:Sprout, Thu Sep 13 11:54am
        Fiscally I am old school conservative. Federal gov't roles and responsibilities limited to those assigned in the US Constitution. Just because an idea is a good done does not authorize the FEDERAL... more
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