So, you're just going to repeat your mistakes.
Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:05am

Snore. Look up the word absolutist it does not include some or most. It includes ALL. This is so basic I can understand why you're writing a novel to avoid admitting something so simple: you are not moral to them if you support choice, period. Of course HOW you have a discussion affects how people respond and react. Again, do you think I am a moron? Holy cow.

  • BreakdownAmadeus, Sun Sep 16 12:51am
    Yes, I have difficulty with something as basic as realizing there's more than one type of person in the world. That is essentially asserting I am a moron incapable of simple thought. Um, you are the... more
    • So, you're just going to repeat your mistakes. — HeavyHemi, Sun Sep 16 4:05am
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