I see, so his recognizing his error of fact, is shouting at
Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:44pm

me and insulting me by implying I'm an emotional wreck that can't deal with discussion. That's how he deals with his errors being pointed out? He might seem REALLY NICE in trying to beat someone down to his precise POV.
But again, it was his mistakes regarding my logic and FACTS behind why we should have a basic distrust of Kim. Period. Apparently he believes that is some sort of demand that we DO NOTHING regarding Kim. I did't say a thing pro or con in METHODS of dealing with Kim despite his nagging post after post. So again, we both agree on the basic premise of Kim: murderous untrustworthy despot. He seems to see him in a less harsh light perhaps naive:

"Kim has actually announced to his government and people that they are going to turn their efforts toward rebuilding their economy and away from their nuclear missile program. I think he'll do it, too, if we use the same weapons on him that have been used on Trump. If we play to his nature, rather than attempting to force him to comply to our wishes.
We have seen what attempted to force the regime has gotten us. Nothing.

You and I agree on what our point was in dealing with Kim. Amadeaus's apparenly believes we're arguing against his METHODS of approach versus our statement that 'regardless of how you approach Kim, always the contest is distrust and that he's a murderous despot.' Merely a statement of context. Simple direct and to the point. Now why you decide to take Amadaues side when he's running around with his little 'you're too stupid do know there are different kind of folks in the world or you're an emotional wreck as counters to his what? Arguments we are NOT making? Who is arguing WITH him? Like you say, what is HE trying to prove by arguing with US when we essentially agree. There's nothing going on here except that he's spend way too much time arguing with Mongo and his antics reflect that.

  • C'mon now. Amadeus couldn't be easier to deal with Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 26 11:41am
    When he recognizes an error made, he readily admits it and apologizes. When he recognizes that another has misunderstood his meaning, even if he thinks he wasn't in error, he attempts to repair the... more
    • I see, so his recognizing his error of fact, is shouting at — HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 26 12:44pm
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