I don't disagree with your major points...
Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:30pm

I was only trying to explain where HE was coming from is all.

  • *shrug*Amadeus, Wed Sep 26 4:27pm
    My point remains. When he took power, he gave a speech to his nation about how the nation would direct all its effort toward getting their nuclear missile program accelerated. Just recently, he gave... more
    • "We have to deal with him as he is"HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 26 9:41pm
      Indeed my precise point in citing murdering his Uncle and assorted other 'threat'. Apparently the disagreement, is I and apparently Sia believe he's a murderous despot...based on...well the fact that ... more
      • Murder Most FoulAmadeus, Wed Sep 26 10:04pm
        You know, I was preparing a response on the impact of the murder of his uncle on my perception of Kim as "evil" and on the variations in type of evil that we see. But I wanted some context, because I ... more
    • I don't disagree with your major points... — Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 26 5:30pm
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