"We have to deal with him as he is"
Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:41pm

Indeed my precise point in citing murdering his Uncle and assorted other 'threat'. Apparently the disagreement, is I and apparently Sia believe he's a murderous despot...based on...well the fact that he does things that they do.
Apparently you're not as convinced he's as inherently evil as we do. That's your right. But you will not, not matter how hard you keep trying convince me that he is other that precisely what I think he is.
So, we deal with him always with that context in mind. Now as far as your ideas...shrug...

  • *shrug*Amadeus, Wed Sep 26 4:27pm
    My point remains. When he took power, he gave a speech to his nation about how the nation would direct all its effort toward getting their nuclear missile program accelerated. Just recently, he gave... more
    • "We have to deal with him as he is" — HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 26 9:41pm
      • Murder Most FoulAmadeus, Wed Sep 26 10:04pm
        You know, I was preparing a response on the impact of the murder of his uncle on my perception of Kim as "evil" and on the variations in type of evil that we see. But I wanted some context, because I ... more
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