Murder Most Foul
Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:04pm

You know, I was preparing a response on the impact of the murder of his uncle on my perception of Kim as "evil" and on the variations in type of evil that we see. But I wanted some context, because I didn't have any.

Amusingly, when I got it, I found that the murder of his uncle is probably the most understandable and least obviously "evil" of a list. Here:

Kim Jong-un | A history of executions - family, allies and rivals

Kim Jong-nam

The half-brother of the North Korean dictator was assassinated at an airport in Malaysia in February 2017 having apparently been attacked with a chemical spray

Ri Yong-jin
North Koreaís top education official was executed in August 2016 with a high-caliber machine-gun for falling asleep during a meeting, according to reports

Hyong Yong-Choi
The defence minister was shot by anti-aircraft guns in front of hundreds of onlookers in April 2015 for falling asleep during an event and not carrying out instructions, according to South Korean intelligence officers

General Jang Song-Thaek
In December 2013, Jang, Kim Jong-unís uncle and a leading general, was accused of being a counter-revolutionary and executed. There were reports that many members of his family were also killed

Kim Kyong-hui
Jangís wife and Kim Jong-unís aunt, she was apparently poisoned in May 2014 after complaining about her husband's execution, according to defectors

O Sang-hon
Jangís ally, the deputy public security minister, was executed with a flame-thrower in April 2014, South Korean media reported

Kim Chol
A vice minister in the army was apparently executed with a mortar round in April 2014 for drinking and carousing in the official mourning period for Kimg Jong-iIís death

Yes, he's an all-powerful ruler who exercises his power, killing those who anger him. Yes, he's evil. But uncovering a plot to overthrow you as a leader and killing the person at the center of that plot (even if it is your uncle) seems understandable. Killing people who fall asleep in your meetings, on the other hand... *shudder*


  • "We have to deal with him as he is"HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 26 9:41pm
    Indeed my precise point in citing murdering his Uncle and assorted other 'threat'. Apparently the disagreement, is I and apparently Sia believe he's a murderous despot...based on...well the fact that ... more
    • Murder Most Foul — Amadeus, Wed Sep 26 10:04pm
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