I don't think you do it intentionally. It is also clear...
Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:30pm

you cannot accept constructive criticism of your style.

Lets list your mistakes in reading what I posted.

"I'm not trying to mock you."

I did not say you were mocking ME, I specifically said MY ARGUMENT. And in fact you did mock the argument. This is a basic fundamental error. So, either
A) You mistunderstood or B) you're willfully being intellectually dishonest in order to make yourself look good, Mr Kavanaugh.... Which is it? Only one is true.

Your second "If you think it's better to challenge Kim instead of manipulating him, that's fine."

Again, in post after post I specifically and repeatedly said that is NOT my argument or an argument I am making. So again, why do you INSIST on repeatedly asserting what is clearly false, and false because I TOLD YOU IT IS FALSE?
And lastly I am seriously this is so tired you playing this poor widdle me victim act:

"I have since gone out of my way to not antagonize you further. I've deleted entire replies I have written and replaced them with the word "Peace" to simply move on while you keep chewing on it. Please stop".

The absolute hilarity of how mightily you've struggled in silence and agonized and deleted post after post...I mean actually that sounds a bit mental...it is just a forum.I mean how many times do I have to tell you I am not responsible for for how you react to my posts. I don't know why you can't ignore them and demand to keep ARGUING ABOUT YOUR ARGUMENT and not the substance.

  • HeavyHemi, Please...Amadeus, Thu Sep 27 1:53pm
    If I was the kind of person that felt that insulting someone was a valid strategy in a debate, I would be much more up front about it. In this particular case, my confusion over your post left me... more
    • Ahhh, Now I see it... Sia☺giah, Thu Sep 27 11:20pm
      I was never suggesting that confrontation or challenging Kim was the preferred manner of dealing with Kim Jong Un, and I believe that HH agrees with that. We were both saying that attempting to... more
    • I don't think you do it intentionally. It is also clear... — HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 27 3:30pm
      • I'll Do This IntentionallyAmadeus, Thu Sep 27 3:52pm
        Let's dive deeper. Why would a person mock another person's arguments if not to mock the person making them? Indeed, you've accused me of insulting you over and over again. My reassurance was a... more
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