*intellectually dishonest. That isn't the same thing as lyin
Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:47pm

He pulls that same stuff Merlin does. You've seen it where they 'accidentally' partially misrepresent a link or story they've posted just to rile some one up. It's a game. He clearly mocked my argument then tried to turn that into my saying he was mocking me personally. That isn't an accurate or honest characterization of the posts...apparently all to win what? And he's done that several times. It's same act. Meh.

  • He may be mistaken sometimes, but I've NEVER known him to be dishonest. Clearly, you see him very differently, as is your right, but I must stand up for him when he's accused of dishonesty, because... more
    • *intellectually dishonest. That isn't the same thing as lyin — HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 27 11:47pm
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