Not to belabor this. But this, as you posted, was my point.
Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:04am

And to illustrate that, I used his Uncle and assorted other 'plotters' to back that argument. HE MOCKED IT,(actually asserting he had WORSE examples) then spent the next several days trying to argue me into his view he wasn't exactly what I think he is: a murderous despot. The same thing when I was precisely clear on my views of a "moral absolutist" on abortion. Even after we BOTH explained exactly were we were coming from, days of the same thing and then the antics of trying to paint me as the bad guy.
That's twice, and it is a pattern. Now as for Merlin. Remember the recent discussion over perjury were Merlin was insisting for days that there were zero and I mean he was adamant that there were zero exceptions to lying under oath being perjury. He knows for a fact that isn't true, and we both know this from his prior discussions of Clinton being cited for contempt by Judge Susan Wright (I'll bet he can even cite her name), instead of perjury. He knows this, he knows we know this, yet he spent a lot of time arguing he DID NOT know that. That is intellectual dishonestly defined. Though, that is the only time I'd say Merlin did that overtly. It was strange.

And lastly,
Amadeus since you're reading this A) it says DISCUSSION not FORMAL DEBATE board. Try relaxing a bit and instead of immediately trying to change someones opinion, you 'dive into' why they hold it.
B)Folks detest having a sentences context chopped to where the original intent is lost. Please stop doing that. You'd have much more productive discussions... Thanks, Bye.

  • because he is willing to go all out to preserve himself and his position, whatever that means. I don't think he WANTS to go so far as waging actual nuclear war because he and his entire kingdom will... more
    • Not to belabor this. But this, as you posted, was my point. — HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 28 11:04am
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