The answer stays the same. "It's not MY place...
Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:10am (XFF: tell THIS Committee how to do its damn job!"

Grassely nailed it. Democrats don't give a damn about Blasey. She's just a tool to them. They could have told the ranking member of the Committee about Blasey's accusations a LONG time ago, and ensured her anonymity. But they didn't. So NOW they disgustingly bring up an FBI investigation? Now? TWO MONTHS after the accusation was first made? As a delaying tactic?

Eff them.

  • He Was Asked...Amadeus, Fri Sep 28 10:48am
    "Do you want an FBI investigation?" He could have answered that directly. He chose not to. The point is that Republicans control the committee, and they don't believe in Kavanaugh, so they aren't... more
    • The answer stays the same. "It's not MY place... — SES, Fri Sep 28 11:10am
      • Noooooo...Amadeus, Fri Sep 28 11:14am
        The answer to that is, "I would personally welcome an FBI investigation. It would clear my name. I don't know why one hasn't been done, given that they have been standard operating procedure in... more
      • Indeed, you're for an obvious liar on the court.HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 28 11:14am
        We got your answer the first time. Our responses to you are not going to make you look better as we point out fact after fact. You're entertainment.
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