Of course the smart thing to do is to call police for
Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:02pm

someone making false allegations against you to police or maliciously destroying your reputation (slander). NOT calling police or confronting the GOSSIP is going to be perceived as you being guilty.

If you are innocent, there's NO danger. Even if cops were told by neighbors that you were smoking pot on your porch, there is virtually NOTHING they could or would do to YOU if they didn't see you doing it. Being accused of something, without evidence, is potentially damaging to your REPUTATION, not to your freedom. Without evidence, cops wouldn't even ask to search your house or put you out beyond filling out the report.

However, the ones who made the accusation to police WOULD be potentially in trouble for filing a false report with police and if confronted for slandering you to neighbors, they'd lose their own credibility and who'd listen to them afterwards?

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