There's the missing block in the argument...
Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:16pm

as there usually is... The scenario is two neighbors discussing between only themselves you smoking pot on your porch. Okay, at what point did you find this out? More precisely, how do you even know your neighbors are discussing this? We don't even need to get to the 'calling the cops on yourself' part. The entire scenario is absurd and illogical.

  • Confronting malicious gossip by a neighbor to another neighbor is not even remotely similar to being publicly accused by someone of a felonious act that would prevent an appointment to the SCOTUS... more
    • Accusations of CRIME... not justSprout, Mon Oct 1 1:34pm
      malicious gossip... I chose a less serious crime yes, but a crime nonetheless... So, if your neighbor accused YOU of a crime (of WHATEVER degree), and YOU felt you were NOT guilty of it, would YOU... more
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