Sad, innit? Most of us in this country are moderates in the
Mon Oct 1, 2018 12:10pm

middle and there's virtually NO ONE running or considering running who is moderate in their voting.

Today's partisan climate all but dictates that all candidates have to play to the extremes to get elected instead of the usual centrist positioning that the majority used to expect. Each side is SO partisan that compromise and reaching across the aisle have become dirty words that disqualify candidates instead of propelling them towards leadership positions.

As useless as Teddy, the bloated whale, was in so many ways, his ability and reputation for compromise and reaching across the aisle is legendary... Ditto Tip O'Neill. Even John McCain. Politicians of another time. Sure, some were awful people, but they DID understand their jobs and responsibilities to their constituents and to the nation.

Not good at all.

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