Accusations of CRIME... not just
Mon Oct 1, 2018 1:34pm

malicious gossip...

I chose a less serious crime yes, but a crime nonetheless...

So, if your neighbor accused YOU of a crime (of WHATEVER degree), and YOU felt you were NOT guilty of it, would YOU call the cops ON YOURSELF and report the criminal allegations, even if the neighbor had not?

Can you imagine ANY attorney advising you to call the police and say, "My name is _________. My neighbor said I committed the crime of ________. I didn't do it, but I want you to investigate me for the crime anyway."

Do you know of ANY attorney who would recommend that action?

No one here has suggested that Kavanaugh request the FBI investigate FORD for slander or sue. What HAS been suggested in this thread is that Kavanaugh request the FBI investigate HIMSELF.

  • Confronting malicious gossip by a neighbor to another neighbor is not even remotely similar to being publicly accused by someone of a felonious act that would prevent an appointment to the SCOTUS... more
    • Accusations of CRIME... not just — Sprout, Mon Oct 1 1:34pm
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