Now you are trying to change the argument...
Mon Oct 1, 2018 1:41pm

The argument was that Kavanaugh should CALL THE POLICE HIMSELF and ask them to investigate HIMSELF.

And by altering the scenario to avoid that point, I think you have shown that you admit it to be a poor one.

No attorney would recommend that.

One neighbor told another neighbor that you were smoking pot. So, to prove your innocence, you should call the police, tell them that YOU were accused of smoking pot and ask them to search your home?


  • I Think You're Getting Lost In The Analogy...Amadeus, Sun Sep 30 11:40pm
    Let's say my neighbor and I were having a loud argument and the police were called to address it. My neighbor might tell the police that I regularly smoke weed. Or crack. Or whatever. I would then... more
    • Now you are trying to change the argument... — Sprout, Mon Oct 1 1:41pm
      • Then Your Analogy Is Flawed...Amadeus, Mon Oct 1 4:15pm
        ...because it does not fit the case at hand. Amadeus
        • Yes it does....Sprout, Mon Oct 1 6:09pm
          Kavanaugh has been accused publicly of a crime. The accuser has NOT filed a formal police report. (The Maryland police have stated that they WOULD investigate if she filed a criminal complaint). You... more
          • Come On, Sprout, Put Some Effort Into It...Amadeus, Mon Oct 1 8:23pm
            Kavanaugh, seeking to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, has been accused publicly of a crime, but the victim has not chosen to file criminal charges. The victim has indicated her willingness to... more
      • Precisely the antic I and others have called you out on more times than I can remember.
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