Your orginal argument had none of this.
Mon Oct 1, 2018 2:23pm

Your original argument was solely about two people gossiping among themselves. You did not even include your supposed 'victim' even KNEW of the conversations. We had to make HUGE assumptions to even get past that idiocy. Your entire start was sloppy and ignorant and made zero sense, period.
You keep adding extra layers of bullshit trying to make your original steaming pile less than what it was: a steaming pile. You're not good at this.

  • And if they filed a police report thatSprout, Mon Oct 1 1:39pm
    would be a very reasonable action... HOWEVER, that is NOT what was suggested that Kavanaugh do in the beginning of this conversation. No one suggested that he ask the FBI to investigate an accusation ... more
    • Your orginal argument had none of this. — HeavyHemi, Mon Oct 1 2:23pm
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