Then Your Analogy Is Flawed...
Mon Oct 1, 2018 4:15pm (XFF:

...because it does not fit the case at hand.


  • The argument was that Kavanaugh should CALL THE POLICE HIMSELF and ask them to investigate HIMSELF. And by altering the scenario to avoid that point, I think you have shown that you admit it to be a... more
    • Then Your Analogy Is Flawed... — Amadeus, Mon Oct 1 4:15pm
      • Yes it does....Sprout, Mon Oct 1 6:09pm
        Kavanaugh has been accused publicly of a crime. The accuser has NOT filed a formal police report. (The Maryland police have stated that they WOULD investigate if she filed a criminal complaint). You... more
        • Come On, Sprout, Put Some Effort Into It...Amadeus, Mon Oct 1 8:23pm
          Kavanaugh, seeking to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, has been accused publicly of a crime, but the victim has not chosen to file criminal charges. The victim has indicated her willingness to... more
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