Yes, The Evidence Is Not Yet All In.
Mon Oct 1, 2018 6:55pm

Any conclusions based on their limited analysis is premature.

  • Those attorneys are not analyzing Sprout, Mon Oct 1 6:52pm
    evidence that may or may not exist. They are analyzing the data that DOES exist. Including retired prosecutors who say there is simply no EVIDENCE to conclude a crime exists... So, again, if this is... more
    • Yes, The Evidence Is Not Yet All In. — Merlin, Mon Oct 1 6:55pm
      • That is certainly one possibility...Sprout, Mon Oct 1 7:35pm
        It is certainly possible that some new eye-witness will crop up. That some piece of physical evidence could come to light. Certainly those HOPING most strongly that SOMETHING more will come out are... more
        • of his own volition after watching or reading the hearings and being inspired to come forward to testify regarding Kavanaugh. Chances are a few more will step forward or contacted by the FBI. Whether ... more
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