That is certainly one possibility...
Mon Oct 1, 2018 7:35pm

It is certainly possible that some new eye-witness will crop up. That some piece of physical evidence could come to light.

Certainly those HOPING most strongly that SOMETHING more will come out are going to be the ones most likely to try and hold out the LONGEST for it to happen.

Likely for some NO amount of investigation will ever satisfy. The analysis will ALWAYS be premature... at least until the analysis fits their preferred narrative.

  • Yes, The Evidence Is Not Yet All In.Merlin, Mon Oct 1 6:55pm
    Any conclusions based on their limited analysis is premature.
    • That is certainly one possibility... — Sprout, Mon Oct 1 7:35pm
      • of his own volition after watching or reading the hearings and being inspired to come forward to testify regarding Kavanaugh. Chances are a few more will step forward or contacted by the FBI. Whether ... more
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