A new witness walked into the FBI office the other day
Mon Oct 1, 2018 8:14pm

of his own volition after watching or reading the hearings and being inspired to come forward to testify regarding Kavanaugh.

Chances are a few more will step forward or contacted by the FBI.

Whether they are interviewed today or tomorrow makes no difference except to the politicians who don't give a flying fig about what becomes of Ford or Kavanaugh.

Well, the Republicans were satisfied with NO investigation. And Democrats with an investigation long enough to put off a vote until after the November elections.

That's just the way politics is and always will be.

Cheating Ford and Kavanaugh out of an investigation will not change that.

  • That is certainly one possibility...Sprout, Mon Oct 1 7:35pm
    It is certainly possible that some new eye-witness will crop up. That some piece of physical evidence could come to light. Certainly those HOPING most strongly that SOMETHING more will come out are... more
    • A new witness walked into the FBI office the other day — Merlin, Mon Oct 1 8:14pm
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