Come On, Sprout, Put Some Effort Into It...
Mon Oct 1, 2018 8:23pm

Kavanaugh, seeking to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, has been accused publicly of a crime, but the victim has not chosen to file criminal charges. The victim has indicated her willingness to submit to FBI questioning.

The proposal in this thread (and from the Democrats in the Senate and from many others) is that Kavanaugh ask the FBI to investigate to clear his name - because the committee is tasked with evaluating his qualifications and character, and is not beholden to the normal standards of courtroom evidence. If they find the accusations credible that ought to be enough. The Democrats realize that what would happen without an FBI investigation is that Republicans will confirm him no matter what. That would be damaging to both institutions, and though he may not see it, it would ultimately be damaging to Kavanaugh as well.

This is not the same at all as a situation where a neighbor as simply accused me of smoking weed. In that scenario, the neighbor has no power. Who have they accused me to? Does your analogy create a bod to hear that accusation reminiscent of the Senate Judiciary Committee, that would hold some power over whether or not I got a job? So already, the analogy is falling apart.

It might better be a coworker who steps up when I'm about to get a promotion and accuses me of something in front of the boss.

Or is that too on the money? Because again, if I am innocent, I'm inviting the boss to look into the accusation and determine whether or not my coworker is telling the truth.

I initially responded as if your analogy was going to hold together and represent the situation. But as we can see, it doesn't. Since you're going to be a stickler about it, then so will I. Get a better analogy. Your analogy doesn't work.


  • Yes it does....Sprout, Mon Oct 1 6:09pm
    Kavanaugh has been accused publicly of a crime. The accuser has NOT filed a formal police report. (The Maryland police have stated that they WOULD investigate if she filed a criminal complaint). You... more
    • Come On, Sprout, Put Some Effort Into It... — Amadeus, Mon Oct 1 8:23pm
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