In a court of LAW. Not necessarily so in the court of
Mon Oct 1, 2018 11:56pm

public opinion. (Re: the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty)

Absolutely not in a situation where someone is nominated to the SCOTUS and is accused of serious crimes or for any highly desirable job where there are thousands of potentially qualified individual without serious accusations following them around. Unfair, but the taint of accusations, even unproven ones, is a problem for most employers and for the SCOTUS, especially.

The presumption of innocence is only valid in a courtroom where someone's freedom is on the line. Being confirmed or dismissed for a JOB has no such guarantee, nor should it because a gaining or losing a job is hardly the same import as gaining or losing one's freedom.

  • when it comes to allegations of CRIMES, the accused it SUPPOSED to enjoy the presumption of innocence. I would agree that neither has inherently any more weight than the other. So, if we dismiss... more
    • Such an investigation would provide more evidence than he/said she said upon which to make a decision, be it in a Court Of Law or the Court of Public Opinion. That both the Republicans and Kavanaugh... more
      • And from what analysts have statedSprout, Mon Oct 1 6:11pm
        fairly repeatedly, there is insufficient evidence to move forward with ANY sort of legal proceedings against Kavanaugh. What more evidence to you see? Some 30 year old stained dress? They already... more
        • instituted, it's about whether or not the accusations seem to have any merit. Add to that all of the fairly obvious lies he's told UNDER OATH and he's just plain NOT worthy of being on the SCOTUS or... more
        • You Mean The "Testimony" That Says...Amadeus, Mon Oct 1 8:32pm
          ...Judge doesn't remember anything like that happening? Do you suppose the FBI would like to ask him about binge drinking and possible blackouts and memory loss? Do you think that a little probing of ... more
          • alleged? Of course someone with an ax to grind wants to USE the investigation of this alleged CRIME to INSTEAD simply try to find ANYTHING negative about the nominee. But it isn't the criminal... more
            • investigation on a SCOTUS nominee IS to dig up anything negative about the nominee that would disqualify him... It's reopened because of a disqualifying accusation, but that doesn't change the actual ... more
            • Those Other Details...Amadeus, Tue Oct 2 11:43am
              ...were brought up to corroborate his character at the time, and he defended himself by explaining them away. If it is discovered that he lied in his explanations, what is one to think? It may not... more
            • Golly... if you lie in one thing...HeavyHemi, Tue Oct 2 10:56am
              Maybe you should watch some Perry Mason. If he's flat out lying about his drinking, how aggressive he was, and other witnesses can say he has episodes of being a violent black out, 'Club Ralf'... more
          • I'm bothered by that prosecutors 'report'HeavyHemi, Mon Oct 1 10:41pm
            that there wasn't enough 'evidence'. She's not even seen all the evidence.... more
        • I am not. No one should.
          • Those attorneys are not analyzing Sprout, Mon Oct 1 6:52pm
            evidence that may or may not exist. They are analyzing the data that DOES exist. Including retired prosecutors who say there is simply no EVIDENCE to conclude a crime exists... So, again, if this is... more
            • Yes, The Evidence Is Not Yet All In.Merlin, Mon Oct 1 6:55pm
              Any conclusions based on their limited analysis is premature.
              • That is certainly one possibility...Sprout, Mon Oct 1 7:35pm
                It is certainly possible that some new eye-witness will crop up. That some piece of physical evidence could come to light. Certainly those HOPING most strongly that SOMETHING more will come out are... more
                • of his own volition after watching or reading the hearings and being inspired to come forward to testify regarding Kavanaugh. Chances are a few more will step forward or contacted by the FBI. Whether ... more
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