Golly... if you lie in one thing...
Tue Oct 2, 2018 10:56am

Maybe you should watch some Perry Mason. If he's flat out lying about his drinking, how aggressive he was, and other witnesses can say he has episodes of being a violent black out, 'Club Ralf' drunk...it would be exactly on point to both his credibility and denials. We all know people like that. Some of them grow out of it, some don't. Some did things they later are held accountable for, some did not. Some get caught, some do not. That's life.

  • alleged? Of course someone with an ax to grind wants to USE the investigation of this alleged CRIME to INSTEAD simply try to find ANYTHING negative about the nominee. But it isn't the criminal... more
    • Those Other Details...Amadeus, Tue Oct 2 11:43am
      ...were brought up to corroborate his character at the time, and he defended himself by explaining them away. If it is discovered that he lied in his explanations, what is one to think? It may not... more
    • Golly... if you lie in one thing... — HeavyHemi, Tue Oct 2 10:56am
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