You Can't Complain About How Long The Debate Has Raged...
Tue Oct 2, 2018 11:44am (XFF:

Presuming your conclusion is not allowed.


  • Yawn... over and over and over...Sprout, Tue Oct 2 9:16am
    The theist has had CENTURIES to prove the existence of any god. So, yes AT THIS POINT, they are both totally unproven, and GIVEN those centuries to prove it, most likely unprovable. The belief in... more
    • You Can't Complain About How Long The Debate Has Raged... — Amadeus, Tue Oct 2 11:44am
      • I have two totally unproven concepts...Sprout, Tue Oct 2 12:19pm
        One has adherents who have been TRYING to prove it for centuries. The other has had virtually no one even beginning to try to prove it. Which should be given greater credibility? I do not conclude... more
        • are not. Inherently the burden is on those claiming a thing DOES exist, versus those arguing they don't believe you.
          • I Went Off On SES's Tangent With IPEsAmadeus, Tue Oct 2 1:41pm
            More about can you prove god(s) exist, not who should assume the burden of proof. Of course, whoever is making the assertion should have to provide the proof. If you claim god(s) do not exist, then... more
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