AMAZON had poor working conditions.
Wed Oct 3, 2018 12:08pm

Amazon has attracted widespread criticism for poor working conditions... In 2011 in the Breinigsville, Pennsylvania warehouse, workers had to work in 100 F heat, resulting in dehydration and collapse. Instead of installing air conditioning, they had an ambulance sit outside on call to cart away overheated employees.;article=1608359;search_term=amazon

Some employees used to urinate in the warehouse because Amazon didn't give them enough time for breaks.;article=1606029;title=Religion%20and%20Ethics%20BBS

My son's response, as an Amazon veteran.
Fri May 4, 2018 7:54am (XFF:

"Almost all that stuff is true. Main thing that bothered me was the breaks.

10 hrs with 2 payed 15 min breaks (basically 10 mins) and 1 updated 30 min.

About 20 if you have to go outside.

I definitely upgraded." [ he's talking about his new job that he just started, working for the local City Utilities Department ].

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