I'm wondering WHY tRUMP is going to Pittsburgh today?
Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:29pm

A POTUS often would often go to an area that has experienced a disaster, but this POTUS is SO clumsy in how he handles things that it's probably much better for everyone involved for him to stay put and wait until things settle down and funerals are over. Flying there WILL significantly disrupt the entire community that much more, at a time when they are already incredibly upset trying to make sense of this and getting through 11 funerals that have already attracted incredible attention and attendance. This is a personal tragedy situation, NOT a "disaster zone" and the public intrusions into people's private grief is already profound.

It should be noted that MANY in the area do not want him to come, especially if he does his usual nonsense, attacking his opponents and making it political instead of simply shutting up beyond offering comforting words. I, personally, doubt he's capable of staying on topic and NOT dishing up his personal views and politics.

Obviously, it may work out okay overall, depending on what he says/does, but it's just not the best idea that he ever had, IMHO.

Your thoughts?

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